Monday, September 30, 2013

Half Marathon Goals

I am always hesitant to discuss my goals in racing and life, as I don't like disappointment. In fact, I try to avoid potential disappointment at all costs. The problem with this mindset is that you also avoid living life to the fullest when you try to avoid sadness or letdowns. I've decided life is just too short to be afraid. And with that, I have a few goals for my race on Saturday. Still being me, I've broken these into the following categories:

Stretch goal - I basically turn into wonder woman and have the greatest race in the history of racing.
Practical goal - This is what I trained for - I should hit this goal.
Average goal - I won't be crushed, but I'll know that I could have done better.

*My stretch goal is to finish the half in 1:59:59. Under 2:05 would be a new PR for me, so that would be amazing as well, but 1:59:59 has been in my head since I began training.

*My practical goal is to finish the half in under 2:15. I ran my first half marathon in 2:15 back when I was not nearly as fit as I am today. I believe I can run my race Saturday under this time.

*My average goal is just to finish. That's it. No time limit - just finish the race.

My chances of hitting my stretch goal are very slim. I definitely overtrained for this race and there's not much I can do about it with 5 days left. Under 2 hours has been in my brain since day one (I'm close to writing that number on every surface of my apartment to will it true), but after seeing how some of my long runs have gone, I think I'll need a miracle to get me to the finish line in that time. You never know - stranger things have happened.

To keep my mind from going crazy while I taper (rest day today - slow/easy miles the next three days), I saw Don Jon tonight and loved it! I have to post about my non-running related life as well or else my mom won't know what I'm doing with my time in Columbus. She's already called me twice since Saturday asking how my race went...Twice. This week, mom.

Five points to anyone who can name the movie shown in this picture I snapped earlier (in 5 seconds or less) - only the greatest Halloween movie of all time...

What are you planning on being for Halloween? My idea of the Sanderson sisters is not going over well with my two friends.

Do you create race day goals?

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