Friday, September 20, 2013

I Missed My Brooks (And My Readers)!

I feel like I've been gone forever, and it's been one day. I must really like talking about running and life with you all. Since I was playing hooky from my blogging duties yesterday, you now have the pleasure of the lovely two-days-in-one post. Lucky you.

Yesterday was one of those days where I wish I could have split myself in three. I had appointments in the afternoon in Downtown Columbus, so I only worked half a day. A work call I didn't want to miss went longer than expected, so I was running around with a towel on my head, chowing down a yogurt with one shoe on. I was too frenzied to take a picture of this scene, but sorta wish I had. Instead you can take a look at foggy Columbus. Even in gray (and shot from a moving vehicle), it's beautiful.

I was planning on breaking in my new shoes yesterday when my body decided to go into sick mode. I had this lovely dinner of vegetable soup and was in bed by 8pm. You read that correctly. I was in bed before the sun had barely gone down. Six year old children stay up later than that.

I woke up early this morning feeling refreshed. Maybe I just needed sleep? I put on my new shoes, and although I was very tempted to go longer, I didn't want to risk injury from my new kicks - I completed a solid 6.5 mile run with a 9:29 average pace. I'm so happy I went back to my Brooks. They are so much more supportive than my last pair of shoes and have added a much needed bounce to my step (I feel like I'm talking about an old boyfriend). Brooks, I will never doubt you again. Does anyone else tie their key to their shoes. I'm embarrassed to admit how recently I learn this great trick (about one month ago).

I was told by the running coach at Front Runner that I should be running around 30 seconds slower than my goal pace on most training runs, so I'm trying to back off on the speed. My 1/2 Marathon goal pace per mile is 9:09, so although I still start out too fast, I usually figure it out by mile 3. Usually.

Mile 1: 9:05
Mile 2: 8:50
Mile 3: 9:14
Mile 4: 10:05 (not sure what happened here...did I take a nap or something??)
Mile 5: 9:11
Mile 6: 9:31
Mile .5: 5:49

Today was a grocery store day as I had no food in my apartment (hi, I'm 24). I bought fresh tilapia and made healthy fish tacos (or are they tostados?) for dinner. Ingredients: Two corn tortillas, 1 tilapia filet, grape tomatoes, asparagus, and avocado...

I'm spending the weekend with my little cousin (who's an awesome high school cross country runner), so there will be lots of running, blogging and shopping to come. I'm nervous for my credit card.

Happy weekend!

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