Friday, September 27, 2013

One Week Away & Another Race!

There is only one week (ONE WEEK) and approximately 13 hours left until the big race. My last long run is tomorrow morning, and then I begin tapering and carb-loading (my favorite part) in preparation for the big day. I actually already started carb-loading twenty-four years ago tonight. Another great meal at Bibibop with the girls...

I also went to the grocery store today and bought the essentials for the next seven days. If I am even remotely thirsty on my run tomorrow, I'll know that I have some weird disease. My fridge cannot hold anymore electrolyte fluids...

Have you all heard about the woman who accidentally finished a marathon in Ontario when she thought she was only running the half - say what?! Oh, and she won! The article is here. I know when I run half marathons that are also part of a Full Marathon course, I know EXACTLY where the turning point is for the half finish line. I know this because from mile 12-13.1, all I can think about is how I couldn't imagine repeating the distance I just ran. This woman is my hero.

In other news, I registered for another race - the Columbus Hot Chocolate 15k. What's not to love about running with hot chocolate waiting at the finish line. After being away from racing for so long, I now have three races lined up in the next couple of months. Racing is great motivation for sticking to your workout plans and getting outside, especially when the weather starts getting a little cooler - something I've always found challenging. With two races in mid to late November, I'll definitely be getting out of my comfort zone of 60 degree runs.

Get excited people, racing season is here!

How do you carb-load/hydrate for races?

What Fall races are you running in the next few months?

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