Sunday, September 22, 2013

Speed Work & Snacking Sundays

Fall has arrived! Have I mentioned how much I LOVE Fall?! Summer's okay, but Fall is simply perfect. The cooler temperatures are here - I was almost chilly at the start of my run. Bring on the sweaters!

Today was all about speed work at the track. I warmed up at whatever pace felt comfortable and turns out that was in the mid 8's. A little too fast for my training pace, but who cares, it's Fall. I then did two miles of sprinting for 2-2:15 minutes followed by 45 seconds-1 minute of recovery. I was really excited that my pace stayed in the high 8's for both miles. I cooled down with two slower miles for a total of 6 miles with an average pace of 8:49. Definitely faster than my 9:09 race pace, but I was happy that I pushed myself to "uncomfortable" before my rest day tomorrow.


Mile 1: 8:17
Mile 2: 8:32
Mile 3: 8:55
Mile 4: 8:42
Mile 5: 9:04
Mile 6: 9:05

Nothing is better than munching on everything in your pantry after a tough workout. I'm constantly on a quest to find new healthy snack choices so I'm not binging on chips and salsa every night. The key is to re-fuel on food that will assist your body with recovery. A few of my snack options this past week...

Apple, green beans and rice crackers
Pineapple and TJ tortilla chips

Puffins, almond milk & blueberries

Champagne counts, right?

I may be chowing down on all of the above while watching the Emmy's pre-show. I always get hungry watching those skinny celebrities walk the red carpet.

And because it's necessary to be lazy on Sundays, here's Stella putting us all to shame...

What are some of your favorite snacks?

Who do you think will bring home an Emmy tonight? My money is on Modern Family and Breaking Bad 

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