Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Take-A-Break Tuesday

I woke up this morning still feeling achy and lethargic - I really did a number on myself these past few weeks. I always have a tentative running schedule on my calendar, but after not having an "easy" week in quite sometime, I planned only 4 days of running this week. This gave me another day to take a break. I originally thought Thursday, however, today became that day.

A rest day means lots of food and unnecessary purchases. I had my normal breakfast (oatmeal) and lunch (TJ salad), but decided to have a new 3 p.m. snack to help me push through the rest of the work day - Puffins cereal with almond milk and a handful of blueberries. Best decision ever...

After work I took a drive to Barnes and Noble to quickly buy a book - aka the longest errand in the history of the world if you're a former English major. I must judge every book by its cover before I can leave.

I buy a lot of books on Amazon for my iPad, but Lucille Ball's autobiography wasn't available in digital form. How rude. My friend and I were chatting last night about Bill Nye, the Science Guy since he's on Dancing With the Stars, and I explained how I never watched his show as a child. Her response was, "You were probably watching I Love Lucy." - how right she was. So I bought the only copy at Barnes and Noble...

I probably shouldn't be posting my microwave dinners (that's not glamorous!), but this is one of my favorites, and it's definitely a healthier option as far as frozen dinners go: Trader Joe's Wild Salmon with Orzo in a great mint sauce. So yum! If you're not a fan of cooking or just lazy on your rest day (hi again), this is definitely a great choice.

My day was made a zillion times better by the news that my best friend/sister/soulmate booked a ticket to fly out to visit me the weekend of my half marathon. She's living in NYC, and I haven't seen her in over one month - way too long! Two weeks and two days until the ultimate reunion...


I think part of my recovery problem is sleep. I didn't get to bed until after midnight last night, so I'm aiming for a 9 p.m bedtime tonight (the bedtime I had when I was 8 years old). This is dedication as both New Girl and The Mindy Project start up again tonight. The person who invented the DVR must have been a runner with an early bedtime. I'm hoping to rise and shine nice and early and get in a track workout. Fingers crossed!

How many rest days do you take a week?

What are your favorite frozen dinners? Besides TJ's, I love Amy's Light and Lean frozen meals.

Do you have any friends? Do you have a best friend? Does he have a big coat too? - Name that movie!

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