Saturday, September 14, 2013

When Life Gives You Lemons...Make Tea & Cry

I'm really good at giving advice and not listening to any of it when it comes to my own life. It's a gift, really. With three weeks until my half marathon, I had 10 miles on the schedule today. I don't follow any training plan in particular (first mistake), but I will definitely be using a plan for my next race (and I have a big one in mind). So today, 10 miles...didn't happen. And it was rough. I may have cried rough.

The weather was perfect. There was no heat to serve as an excuse. I was almost chilly. Fifty-five degrees at 9 am; What more could you want? I made it about half a mile before my quads started feeling heavy and fatigued. That's all it was. My lungs were good - I felt I could have ran for hours, but my legs were so heavy and ached more and more with each passing mile, I finally gave up after one hour. I had turned off my running app tracking my time around mile 4, so I'm not sure of my exact distance/pace, but I'm fairly certain it was around 6 miles/10 minutes per mile.

Six miles not so long ago would have been such an accomplishment, but not today. Not with so much on the line three weeks from now. This is my first race since May, 2012; My first race since I really started focusing on running, and I've put a lot of pressure on this race (second mistake). I did have time during my dismal performance to snap this lovely pic of the Scioto River along my trail. I guess when you're running at a snail's pace, you are better able to see the scenery - bright side.

A few things that may have contributed to my less than stellar performance today...

*Nutrition, nutrition, nutrition - While I'm doing much better than a few months ago, I'm still struggling with nutrition. It's not just quantity, but quality. I may be getting enough calorie-wise, but I'm much better off having another serving of quinoa rather than that second (or third) glass of wine. Today's lunch - tuna on one piece of toasted ezekiel bread, cucumber slices and pretzels (Am I there yet?!)...

*Overtraining - While I am nowhere near hitting the milage of some "real" runners out there (50+ miles in one week?!), I am running more now than ever before. Five days per week, all runs 4+ miles, and my legs may simply be lagging behind my ambitious brain. I'm going to try to get in a day of yoga or cross training this week to see if the break helps.

*It's just not my day - Set backs are normal. Everybody has an off day/week/month. Perhaps I was dehydrated this morning or just need more rest (I do have a small head cold). I'm glad I listened to my body and didn't try to complete all ten miles. I honestly don't think I would have finished and easily could have caused myself injury from my lack of proper form/energy. I made myself some Chai tea this afternoon and am feeling ten times better - the power of Chai...

The most important thing for me is to finish strong in three weeks and enjoy myself. I run because I love it. I have to keep reminding myself of this.

Happy Saturday all - Go Bucks!

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