Thursday, September 26, 2013

Whole Foods Stole My Money & Om-ing Once Again

Last night, I went to Whole Foods - AKA the place where you pay double the price for the same foods located in the regular grocery stores. With that said, I love finding new foods and this chicken noodle soup was perfect for lunch today (and for my late night post Yoga snack).

Speaking of Yoga...I finally went back! I desperately needed to add some low impact cross training to my workout routines, and Yoga has answered my body's prayers. My college friend and I went to a mixed level hot vinyasa class at V Power Yoga downtown. I used to do Vinyasa and Bikram regularly, but I rarely did hot vinyasa. It was definitely a challenge, but I felt so good once it was done. I can't wait to go back next week. My hamstrings can't wait either.

Yoga is a GREAT workout!
Hello, old friend (spoken to my mat)

Any Yoga fans out there - favorite style?

Trader Joe's or Whole Foods? Trader Joe's will always be my main man.

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