Sunday, October 13, 2013

Back To Reality - BLENK Reunion Recap

This weekend, my college roommates and I enjoyed our annual "BLENK Reunion." We decided to stay somewhat local this year (previous years were spent in Chicago and NJ), and visited Cedar Point. We always have an amazing time together, but couldn't help but realize how our childhood memories of theme parks became a slightly different reality in adulthood. Roller coasters are a tad (okay, a lot) scarier, lines feel much longer (sign says 2 hours, but it will really only be 45 minutes...nope, 2 hours was spot on), and running on five hours of sleep, plus a 2 1/2 hour car drive, then an afternoon at the park makes you a little sleepier when nighttime rolls around - We may have been back at the hotel by 11pm - don't judge).

All in all, we had a ton of laughs, good talks (what else do you do in two hour lines?), and one great roller coaster picture that I was told if I posted, I would never be welcomed back to another reunion, so use your imagination. Oh and we walked/stood in line for eight hours, so we got in a workout as well. Success!

Some pictures from the weekend...

Friday night dinner

Saturday morning Dunkin - 30 mins away & totally worth it

4 of us wore Converse sneakers to the park

Lake Erie - sand + water almost felt like home!

Dippin Dots - theme park must have

So, we split it up
We didn't think to ask for a group shot

And then we tried a selfie - BLENK at age 24

Today, I'm doing Sunday things (laundry, Trader Joe's), and tomorrow starts another week of solid running/gym workouts. While it can take me up to two weeks to recover from a Half, I'm feeling good, so fingers crossed I can get back to strong running (I'm tired of tired leg runs!).

What's the best thing you did this weekend? 

Do you love roller coasters? It took me a ride or two to get used to them again.

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