Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Back to Spin & Comfort Soup

Happy Hump Day! Today was my last day of non-running related workouts before I run again on Friday. I spent the last week doing LOTS of cross training, and I really enjoyed the change of pace. I found some workouts that I hadn't done in a while insanely difficult. The mother of all - Spin.

My gym had a Spin class last night, but it was too late for my old grandma self, so I hopped on a bike in the empty room an hour before the class started and did my own workout for 50 minutes. Talk about a butt kicking workout - my booty is literally feeling that bike today. After Spinning, I decided to take another crack at the weighted ropes. I can only slam these babies down for about 20 seconds at a time without feeling like I'm about to die. Again, I can run 13.1 miles, but ask me to swing ropes for 30 seconds. The awesome thing is that I can only go up from here - 1 minute without stopping, here I come! Don't mind my creepy dark spin room selfie…

Today I opted for a lighter Elliptical workout before my much needed day of rest tomorrow. My legs are sore from training Monday night and Spin last night, so today was a "flush out the quads" workout. Elliptical for 40 ish minutes followed by ab work…

It's cloudy and cool in Columbus, and I've been craving homemade soup for a week now. I decided to finally make my favorite (and super easy!) chicken noodle soup. This takes no time at all - the prep work is the most time consuming - and is great hot off the stove or as a yummy leftover a day or two later. The recipe is here - this site has every recipe you could ever think of making. I'm obsessed with it. 

Tips: I use a cooked rotisserie chicken and pull the meat off to save time on actually cooking the chicken (great advice from my aunt) and only use half a teaspoon of Thyme as I found it really overwhelming when I used a full teaspoon…

Do you like to Spin?

What's your favorite chilly weather comfort food?

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