Saturday, October 5, 2013

I Ran Like A Girl - Half Marathon Recap

I did it! First race in almost one year; first half marathon in a year and a half. And I did it!

I run for wine

I was really pleased with my performance. Even though this was my slowest half marathon to date - race results here: official time 2:21:58 - this was also the hilliest course I've ever ran. Thank God I did some of my long runs on trails with hills. I made a rookie mistake and did not check out the course before I ran it. I was sure I had a flat course ahead of me today - I was so wrong. Apparently the majority of the racers did not check out the course either, because the Bestie told me everyone running across the finish line talked about the hills as well. The course itself was beautiful, and the early morning views of downtown Columbus made the hills much more tolerable.

I almost wish I could go back and adjust my goals, because if I knew what I know now about this course, I would have made my practical goal to "finish in under 2:30." I honestly believe I did the very best I could do. My legs, which have been giving me trouble on 4 mile runs, stayed strong all the way through mile 11 (it's amazing what adrenaline and foam rolling can do). Once I hit mile 12, my right leg cramped and I walked for about half a mile (You gotta do what you gotta do). I hydrated and was able to push through to the end (very slowly as you can see below in my splits). To make the end that much sweeter, it was a straight uphill climb from 12.5-13.1. Someone was definitely playing a cruel joke. But I finished with an average pace of 10:46 and a large smile on my face...

"I did it!"


Mile 1: 9:40
Mile 2: 9:37
Mile 3: 9:17
Mile 4: 9:58
Mile 5: 10:32
Mile 6: 10:41
Mile 7: 10:14
Mile 8: 10:25
Mile 9: 11:05
Mile 10: 11:46
Mile 11: 10:45
Mile 12: 11:08
Mile 13: 12:57

After the race, I picked up my complementary wine gift which the Bestie and I will be enjoying tonight.  We then grabbed my brother (who preferred to sleep rather than watch my race) and went to brunch. Ah, the perks of running for almost 2 1/2 hours...

Eggs, pancakes and bacon - yes please!
I still have to be a good host, so I guess I need to stop doing this now...

Thank you, Trader Joe's

Anyone race today - how did you do?

What's the toughest race you ever ran? This was definitely my toughest race yet.

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