Thursday, October 17, 2013

I Took The Personal Training Plunge

Many gyms offer a free personal training session when you join. You should take advantage of these if you have them! You do not need to sign up for anything, and they give you tons of fitness advice and workout ideas. I, however, knew going into my free session that if the price was right, I was going to take the plunge and finally sign up with a personal trainer. I've wanted to have a trainer for a long time - my inner diva wants to finally feel like a celebrity. I have cardio under control, but it's strength training that I need help with. And I know (and have been told one million and one times) that strength training will make me a stronger runner. So every Monday after work, I will be using these...a lot...

Tonight I ran on the treadmill, cooled down on the elliptical and did some weights/ab work. It's definitely tough getting back in the swing of a treadmill when you're used to running outdoors. I set the incline at 1.5% to give it more of a road feel, but it's still hard to lose yourself with other people around. Hopefully I figure it out before the snow comes.

3 miles (9:30 pace)
1 mile walk with a 4% incline where I made believe I was hiking...

You would think the gym would be packed on a rainy Thursday night. It was only 6:30 p.m. I guess everyone worked out this morning??

My favorite grocery store is across the street from the gym (yes, I have a favorite grocery store), and while strolling the aisles, I saw this...Thanksgiving food already??

Yams, Cranberries and Marshmallows, oh my

And then I saw this...

Happy Holidays???
I guess the holiday season is upon us. I won't complain.

Do you have a personal trainer?

How do you stay motivated on the treadmill?

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