Thursday, October 31, 2013

My First Ice Bath & A Halloween Dinner

Happy Halloween! It was a rainy, windy Thursday in Columbus making my much needed rest day that much better. I hate rest days that fall on perfect running days. I would much rather lounge in sweats all day when it's gross outside. Today was that perfect day.

After work, I decided to try my first ever ice bath, and it was just as awful as everyone said it would be. How I have not taken an ice bath before is beyond me - I feel this is running 101. I'm doing all I can to have a strong run tomorrow (my first run in one week!), and even though I don't plan on going long, I still had some soreness in my quads I want gone before I start. I've had a random bag of ice in my freezer since the day I moved in (who brought that??), so I filled up the tub with cool water and poured the ice in. It worked pretty well, although I think I need to fill the tub a tad higher next time as I had to keep moving around to make sure my entire leg felt the chill. And yes, I am wearing a sweater with bathing suit bottoms…It was freezing!

After the ice torture, I took my brother to dinner at Matt the Millers. We keep saying we're going to try new restaurants, but I love the food there. This photo was taken right before my brother informed me he "forgot" his wallet…

This is my idea of the perfect rest day meal…

Since it's Halloween (and Thursday), we had to get dessert. My $5 fro yo included every candy imaginable, and S opted for Jeni's Ice Cream.

The family that eats sweets together stays together

What did you do this Halloween?

How do you create the perfect ice bath?

What's your perfect rest day meal?

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