Sunday, October 27, 2013

Saving Lives One Stray At A Time

As promised, the girls and I dressed up as "Knuckles", "Velvet" and "Chocolate," the Beanie Babies. Any child of the 90's remembers their obsessions with Beanie Babies. So many people loved our costumes and named their favorite BB's. We spent the first half of the night at our friend's Halloween party where she made the best snacks! The rest of the night was spent at Highball, an outdoor Halloween party in downtown Columbus - a cold, but fun night had by all…

K, B & E - Beanie Babies!

Today was definitely an unexpected Sunday. Rest day Sundays mean sleeping in and eating brunch. My friends and I went to Tommy's - a place most of us had never been to. I haven't had eggs in a long time, so I really enjoyed my two eggs over medium with toast. Although the food was great, this was the first breakfast joint I had ever been to that didn't have a fruit cup as a side dish. They did have peaches, but I'm pretty sure these were drained from a can. I didn't complain.

After brunch, we were leaving the parking lot when we came across one stray kitten, then another and then another. We tried to catch all of them, but only one would approach us. We took him to the local Vet and besides a few fleas, he is 100% healthy. B & E decided to keep him, and we named him Franklin. Meet my new Godson and Stella's new best friend…

I had a full day planned of Sunday chores, but Franklin took priority. I love Sunday Family nights, and since my Aunt and Uncle were busy tonight, I made my brother a yummy dinner of chicken, shrimp, veggies and other things we felt like eating. Carb loading for a great workout week…

Did you buy or create your Halloween costume?

Have you ever taken an animal in from the street?

Is Sunday your normal rest day?

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