Monday, October 7, 2013

Saying Goodbye & Recovering Properly

So remember yesterday when I said I was going to begin eating clean again today...let's make that tomorrow.

Today was the Bestie's last day in town and now I'm clinging to her leg begging her not to leave. I may just "forget" to set an alarm tomorrow morning. We had a very lazy day as it was rainy/cold/cloudy all morning and I had to work. We decided to cook dinner for her last meal in town and bought lots of goodies at Whole Foods. We are such chefs...

The Bestie then made some chocolate chip cookies that we finished with vanilla ice cream and left over pumpkin bread. I had a Blogger fail moment and did not take any pictures of my awesome plate of sweets before eating all of it.

I'm gonna miss this girl. Thank God for Skype...

I'm still resting my legs from my race. It's definitely becoming challenging, especially as I continue to eat one million grams of sugar per day, but I know that I will come back much stronger if I take it easy. I'm letting my legs lead the way, and although I really want to, I'm not sure if I'm going to run at all this week - I may just stick with cross training/yoga.

How to recover properly (or what I usually don't do)...

1. Rest! Rest! Rest! No matter how tempted you are, do not go running before your legs are ready. I still have some lingering quad pain and my IT band is a little sore, so I have not gotten back to running yet. Running will only increase my chances of injuring myself. Sitting around for two or three days is much better than two or three months.

2. Foam Rolling. I've written a lot about the benefits of foam rolling, so I won't bore you here. Just do it! Best $30 bucks I ever spent.

3. Ice. I can't believe it took me this long to really ice my legs after a hard workout. Maybe that was part of my training problems. Ice (for a short amount of time) is a runner's friend. I grab a frozen bag of veggies (usually peas) and leave it on the sore/tight spots for 10-15 minutes. Then I roll out my legs again.

Cabernet & Frozen Peas = Perfect Pair
4. Eat chocolate. Okay, this one hasn't been proven yet, but I know the study is coming out any day now.

How many rest days do you usually take after a race?

What are some other ways to recover properly?

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