Saturday, November 2, 2013

A Short Run & Working Out On Feel

Happy weekend, friends! I hit the pavement yesterday for the first time in a week, and it felt wonderful. The fresh air was much needed and even though I only ran a measly two miles (9:22 pace) to test out my legs, I loved every minute of it. I finished my workout by doing 12 minutes on the elliptical and then ab work…

While I will always choose running over any other exercise, I am going to try really hard to not run every day. Once I get back to running a real distance again, I plan on breaking up the days with elliptical/spin/stairs. Because I ran yesterday, this morning I went to the gym and did 50 minutes on the elliptical, followed by 10 minutes on the stair master, then weights/abs. Take that, Saturday! 

I forgot my heart rate monitor this morning for the first time since I purchased it in the spring. I've walked out the door without it before, but I always realize my mistake before I get to my car. This morning, I was pulling into the gym parking lot when I realized what I had done. I was not going back home, so I worked out on feel. It was definitely challenging. I have no way of knowing for sure, but I think I worked out harder without it - I was hitting the mile marks on the elliptical in under ten minutes - I usually hit the mile mark right after ten minutes, so maybe I was pushing harder to ensure I didn't wimp out on my workout. Maybe I should forget my monitor more often…

Tomorrow is the NYC Marathon. Even before I started running, I loved watching this race. I was thrilled to see that it will be aired on TV here in Columbus, and I can't wait to watch! Good luck, runners!

Don't forget to switch your clocks back tomorrow! Hooray for gaining an hour of sleep - I'll be up at 6am. 

Do you run with a heart rate monitor? 

What are you doing on this great Saturday? It's a cloudy/chilly day in Columbus, so I'm lounging and watching football. 

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