Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Cold Runs & The Best Veggie Burger In Town

The only nice thing about coming back from an extended weekend is thinking you're a day behind all week long. My brain thinks it's Tuesday. You can only imagine the sheer joy when I realized it's actually Wednesday.

I flew in from NYC late Monday night and spent most of yesterday catching up on work. I really needed a vacation from vacation, but since duty called, wearing sweatpants was the closest I got. It could be worse. Since I couldn't live off of greek yogurt and gatorade, I managed to get out of the apartment to fill my refrigerator. My favorite part of Trader Joe's shopping just got a little better thanks to the upcoming holidays…

TJ Samples!

It was freezing this morning, but I decided to brave the cold and run 3 miles outside. I am running the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving and figured the chances of it being just as cold, if not colder (please, God, not colder) are pretty high. I might as well get a feel for cold running temps again. After my run, I went on the stair master for 15 minutes, followed by ab work…

Vacation is officially over, and I am trying to eat healthier, which simply means more whole foods and less junk. I feel my happiest when I put healthier foods in my body. Oh, and I still eat lots of chocolate because dark chocolate is good for us! Win!

Since I missed Sunday dinner with the family, we all went to the Northstar Cafe in the Short North area of Columbus for dinner. Staying in line with my healthy eating, I ordered the Northstar Burger - the best veggie burger (made with black beans, brown rice and beets) in town with a side salad. Okay, the bun is probably not going to win me any nutrition awards, but it was good! Carb loading at it's finest…

How do you handle cold weather runs?

Do you ever go to TJ's solely for the samples? Sometimes I just need a yummy snack - totally serious. 

Are you a fan of Veggie Burgers/Vegan food? If it weren't for my love of eggs and fro yo, I think I could easily go vegan. 

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