Sunday, November 3, 2013

Do Absolutely Nothing Productive Sunday

I spent my Sunday morning watching the NYC Marathon. As I wrote quickly yesterday, I've been watching this race for years…even before I started running. There is something so awesome about this Marathon. I'm not sure if it's the energy or the singing of New York, New York at the starting line, or the scenes of the five boroughs I love so much, but this race brings me home. I WILL run the NYCM one day. It will happen...

I tried to think of something I accomplished today besides watching people run all morning and came up with nothing. I left my apartment. I think that counts.

We went to brunch at noon, but I opted for lunch (shocking, I know). I'm already an early riser, and with daylight savings, I was up at 6:30am. Yup. So I ate breakfast at 8 am like all good grandma's do, and by the time we sat for brunch, it was lunch time for me…

Veggie Wrap w/ Fruit at Grand Day

After brunch, I stopped by my happy place. Whenever I need to work through any problems in my life, I always end up in a bookstore…

We had family Sunday dinner with the normal crew plus my cousin's girlfriend. My aunt made an amazing baked ziti, and we had mini apple pies with ice cream for dessert. It would be difficult for anyone to say they had a better Sunday dinner than us…

Have a fabulous Monday!

What's the best thing you ate today?

Where is your happy place?

Do you have a race bucket list? The NYCM is the only race I must run before I die. 

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