Wednesday, November 6, 2013

House Life Living & Elliptical Mornings

I've been staying with my cousin this week and have really been enjoying the "house" life. I'm not quite enjoying the "housewife" life, because I still have to go to work every morning, but I do miss living in a big house from time to time. It's been very relaxing...

Homemade coffee with a fireplace in the background
My cousin was blessed as a child with the ability to eat every bad for you food on the planet multiple times a day and not gain one itty bitty pound. Now that she's a hot shot runner, she still eats the best, worst food, just in larger quantities. When in Rome…

Chinese for dinner
Cookie Dough ice cream for dessert
And because I was not blessed with this awesome gene, I was up at 6am to conquer the elliptical. One hour later and my chinese food/ice cream belly ache from the night before had subsided. Ah, the power of exercise…

Again, anyone who thinks they can't get a solid workout from the elliptical is not doing it correctly. I add in sprints every 5-7 minutes (2-3 minutes each) to get my heart rate up. It makes the task of being on the elliptical for 1+ hour much less boring.

And the perks of a hard morning workout - a big, healthy breakfast…

Oatmeal, peanut butter toast, & fruit
What are some Elliptical workouts you enjoy?

What's your favorite "bad for you, but oh so good" food? Chinese is my favorite followed by Mexican!

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