Saturday, November 16, 2013

Off The Grid: NYC - Thursday/Friday Recap

I've been off the grid for a couple of days and loving every second of it. I woke up way before dawn on Thursday morning (I'm talking 4:XX) and flew into LaGuardia airport around 11:30 am, where we waited on the runway for 30 minutes until they found us a gate - Welcome to New York!

I met the Bestie and we walked all around her new neighborhood. When I lived in New York, I lived about 15 blocks south of her. It was definitely surreal walking by the same shops, restaurants and riding the same subway. Even though it's been more than 2 1/2 years since I lived here (is that right?!), it really feels like yesterday.

Reunited <3

Obligatory first stop
Classic NY lunch - not really

After walking a zillion miles, I met my mom for drinks at "The View" at the top of the Marriott. This is a classic tourist spot, but the views are awesome, so haters keep on hating. After seeing the prices for a glass of wine - hello $15 - I will be happy to get back to $3 ladies wine night at Matt The Millers... eventually.

Blurry view of the Chrysler Building
Red & White

Mom and I met up with the Bestie and Boyfriend - hers, not mine hehe - and the four of us enjoyed a great meal at Da Marino on 49th street. Fun fact: my Uncle from Ohio introduced me to this great restaurant while he was traveling on business years ago. It's wonderful and not touristy. Visit if you're in town!

I haven't seen my Mama in three months. It was great to be together again!

On Friday, I got back to the office. I was definitely the happiest commuter on the subway. Working from home is awesome, and I'm so lucky to be able to work my great job and go back to school, but seeing this sign was great. Sometimes you just need the office…

Morning 2 Train Riders
Hello, One Penn

The best part of my day was when my Barista at Starbucks saw me standing in line and said, "Morning Kate, Grande Pike with an oatmeal, light water?" I guess he thinks I was at Dunkin for the past three months…

Breakfast of Champions

What's your favorite city in the world? NYC will always have my heart.

Are you a walker or a transportation rider when sightseeing? I could walk around all day. It makes me feel less guilty about not working out.

Does your coffee shop know your order by heart?

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