Monday, December 2, 2013

Back To Spinning In Circles

The nice long vacation weekend is over. I spent the majority of yesterday detoxing my body of all the yumminess from the holiday weekend. I even bought "detox" tea. I am not sure if this stuff actually works, but it tastes good, so I'll pretend.

While drinking tea and eating vegetables (detoxing is soooo much fun), I put up my Christmas tree. I'll be spending the Christmas holiday in NJ, but I still had to have a tree...

Red toes, red candle, beautiful tree & The Grinch

Even though I consumed enough food to feed The Giants' offensive line, I still took my planned rest day yesterday. I worked out hard last week, and recovery is so important. I made sure to eat really well and got back in the swing of things today. I decided to take an after work Spin class - my first Spin class in months, and it was tough! My 2014 goal is to get back in "Spin shape." I used to dominate  those classes, and today I barely made it through. I love a good challenge though, so Spin will definitely be part of my weekly routine going forward.

50 minutes of Spin, 10 minutes on the StairMaster, 10 minutes of abs…

What was your first post holiday workout? 

Have you ever taken a Spin class?

What's your go-to "clean foods" post holiday? I eat lots and lots of vegetables. 


  1. Hi Kate, Love your blog. If you are looking for a great and amazing detox just hot water, fresh lemon and some grated ginger first thing in the morning. It acts as a detoxifier and gets your body going in the morning before you put food into your belly. Mix all together and enjoy :) Also, if I ever feel a cold coming on I do this drink with some local honey added and it becomes a miracle cure.

  2. Side note, I know what you mean about "spin shape" I recently got back into spin classes and only now can I actually get through them without feeling like Im going to either pass out or throw up off the bike ;) I am sad you arent in NYC anymore. I will be up their with a few girl friends in Feb for my 30th and would have loved to seen you.

    1. Thank you so much for the detox tip! I'm definitely trying that tomorrow morning. Let me know what weekend you'll be in NYC. I'm always looking for a reason to go back and my friend has an apt where I can stay. It would be fun if it worked out!