Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Car Is Totaled So I'm Stress Sweating

This has been a trying week to say the least. I'm doing all I can to focus on the positives, but it's been hard. I was told yesterday that Ruby was totaled, so I said goodbye this morning. I walked what felt like three miles to my car in the cold and snow - she was in row 39! - found my belongings, and said goodbye. The only thing missing was my GPS. Who steals so close to Christmas?! Oh well, they must need it more than I do...

Is this creepy, or what?!

I only have two ways of dealing with stress - eating and sweating. I spent the last few days eating everything in sight, so today I spent some much needed time in my apartment's gym. I started with 35 minutes on the Elliptical, and then ran one mile to test out my back (9:13 pace). I had virtually no pain, so I know I will be able to add on some milage in the next few days. I finished with 10 minutes on the StairMaster, then abs and weights back at my apartment. 

Speaking of the next few days, I'm off to NJ tomorrow with Stella. This should be quite an adventure. I've never travelled with her by myself, so I'm nervous, but so excited to see my family and start the holidays! I think a little trip East is exactly what I need to get my mind off all the craziness of the past few days. I better get back to packing! 

I travel light

Do you spend a few days packing or do it all in one night? I'm a last minute packer. 

What are some great next car options?

Are you a stress eater or sweater? 

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