Monday, December 23, 2013

Sweat Lots…Then Eat All The Cookies

Even Mother Nature decided to cry her eyes out when the spring temperatures left us today. Because it looked like this outside...

I was forced to run on the dread-mill. I'm going to need to spice up the walls or something if I'm going to last on this thing till 2014. 4 miles in a slightly under 9:30 pace with sprints thrown in for "fun." I walked till the clock hit 45 minutes, then abs/squats/push-ups….

Stella is feeling much more bold with each passing day and decided to visit the upstairs today. Bubbles is the dark blob sitting on the chair and Stella is to the right of the tree. Bubs is not amused by Stella one little bit. Lots of hissing. Stella isn't fazed, but I'm pretty sure Bubbles wants to kill her in her sleep…

Dad came home from work and forced me to eat red meat just like the good old days. My tummy was very happy…

It's a proven fact that if you workout before making Christmas cookies, the calories consumed from licking spoons, beaters, and bowls don't count. Dark chocolate cookie bars, Buckeyes (best thing ever!), and massive reindeer cookies that look more like bears. I tried. 

One more sleep till Santa arrives!

What's your favorite Christmas cookie?

How often do you eat red meat? I never cook it myself, so unless someone makes it for me or I go out to dinner, never.

How do you get through treadmill workouts? I need ideas! 

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