Friday, December 27, 2013

The Family That Runs Together

Remember when days off meant you did nothing and watched movies all day? Things have certainly changed. I've been off since 3pm on Tuesday and have not stopped moving. Through all the craziness, my cousin called today and asked if I would join him for an afternoon run. My left IT band was a little sore following yesterday's run (I don't think cooking in heels on Christmas day helped). I knew I should have taken it easy today, but I said yes anyway. When will I learn...
My cousin is training to be a police officer!

We ran from my parents house, down to the beach and back - or at least that was the goal. I ran from my parent's house, down to the beach and stopped to take a call from the insurance agency to finish my car troubles. I ended up turning off my Garmin and walking home. Hey, a little run is better than no run…

Home Sweet Home

Avg Pace

One essential item forgotten at home was a foam roller (hello, IT band), so I ran to Target and bought the small travel sized one. This will be perfect for any vacations I take in the future…

No, my parents don't have a rodent problem - that's Stella's toy mouse

One fun fact about me: I'm always cold. This is such a problem that my brother bought me my third favorite Christmas present - an electric blanket! I tried it out today after my run and it was perfection. I may be forced to eat Ramen noodles all winter because my electric bill is so high, but I'll never be cold again…

Where is your favorite place to run? There is something awesome about running along the ocean. 

Do you like running alone or with a friend? I am a solo runner, but it was fun pacing my cousin today. 

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