Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Booty Like Beyonce & Binging On Target

Did anyone else watch the Grammys and then take their non-Beyonce booty to the gym the next day replaying her and Jay-Z's performance in your head to inspire you through? Okay good, me too.

On Sunday I had PT, and while I usually combine a run with PT, I wasn't feeling it, so I stuck with a simple strength training workout. I'm really learning to listen to my body…

Yesterday my legs were still sore from PT, so I decided to switch things up and take the after work Spin class. Every time I go back to Spin after taking a break, I wonder why I ever stopped. I really need to work hard to incorporate one Spin day a week into my training - this is a no joke, lower impact workout. I left drenched and then cooled down on the Elliptical for twelve minutes…

I haven't gone shopping in a while since it's been too cold to do anything, so last night I ventured to Target and bought all the essentials. A new Chi straightener (I left my straightener in NYC and decided it was time for a new one), taupe boots to take me into Spring, a light sweater, a bathing suit (because you have to pretend you're in the Caribbean when it's -7 outside) and a few other fun things. I'm not even a little bit sorry…

I raced home from Target for a Google hangout date with the ladies. All of us are in the Columbus area except for L who resides in Chicago - It's even colder there! We all need to move to California, pronto!

Did you watch the Grammys? Favorite performance? I loved Beyonce and Jay-Z, but Taylor and P!ink were great too!

Favorite Spin song? The last song we did last night was "Scream & Shout" by Britney and will.i.am, and that was a blast.

How often do you see your college friends/roommates? 

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