Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Do Not Compare Yourself To Others & Suicides (The Exercise)

Blogs are awesome. They have the power to inspire us, get us thinking and make us laugh. I wake up every morning and catch up with my favorite blogs while drinking my coffee - and they usually motivate me to lace up my sneakers and get to the gym. It's a cool, long distance pen pal relationship sort of thing. I ask my favorite running bloggers questions and they respond. It's so much better than tweeting at Beyonce - she never writes back.

But if you're not careful, especially when it comes to fitness blogs or blogs that focus on your own hobbies and interests, you can easily get caught up in the evil comparison game. I follow running bloggers that have been running for years and years. Some have ran as many as 50+ marathons. So while I consider myself a runner, it can be disheartening to come home from a 4 mile, 9-minute paced run and see that a mother of three children under the age of 5 just ran 12, 7-minute miles before the sun came up…in the snow.

While I will continue to read and forge relationships with these awesome people in the hopes that I too someday will be able to run as fast and far as they do, I always remember to bring my focus back to my body and my goals. And I really hope you do the same. This blog is here to inspire you to create your own fitness (or life) goals and run (or swim or bike) after them. Oh and it's also here to get my booty off the couch when I feel like napping/eating instead of exercising.

On to today's sweat session - my training plan called for a 3 mile + strength workout. I had personal training scheduled early this morning, so I ran 4 miles beforehand as I have a few rest days ahead of me.

I love the empty gym in the morning. Every once in a while I have PT at night and can never get a machine. That rarely occurs in the pre-sunrise hours…

Since I only had about 12 hours of recovery time between last night's workout and this morning's, I went a little slower on the run and stuck with my goal half marathon pace (9:09).

Mile 1: 9:27
Mile 2: 9:03
Mile 3: 9:04
Mile 4: 9:09

PT was a bowl full of fun. Justin introduced me to suicides. I grew up with a very athletic, close knit extended family. I've heard my cousins (I think 10 of them were basketball stars, maybe 11?) talk about suicides, but I never really learned what they were. Well, I learned today. Sprint to the three point line, touch line, back; spring to the foul line, touch line and back; spring to the other closer foul line, touch line, back. Let's do that 5 times. I've never been a sprinter, which is why I found longer running distances so appealing, so this was hard. And I don't think I ever sprinted quite to Justin's approval. He kept saying, "you can run faster than that."

After the suicides and side lunges with 25 pound weights, we focused more on one muscle group at a time instead of the fast-paced, plyometric training we've done the last two sessions - seated rows, squats with a weighted ball, triceps curls, etc. I finished by squatting the 45 pound bar. Definitely a challenge, but I'm so impressed with my newfound strength. No more chicken arms for me. And stronger arms and glutes = stronger running.

When I work out early, I really try to eat clean, but also enough food afterwards to refuel and get me through the day. Breakfast was my usual oatmeal and peanut butter rice cake, and lunch was chicken noodle soup with added spinach and greek yogurt. Protein, protein, protein. 

And just because, the one thing I really love about Columbus are the sunsets. My apartment faces west, and I usually drive west for any errands I have to run, so I constantly see such beautiful sunsets…

What are a few goals, fitness or otherwise, you have set for 2014?

Have you ever done suicides? Aren't they aptly named?

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