Friday, January 31, 2014

European Vacation & Climbing Stairs

It's official! My friend L and I are heading to London and Paris in late August/early September! We've been friends since fourth grade (!), and went to Europe together on a Student Ambassador trip the summer before our senior year of high school. Lauryn got sick and had to leave early, so we're finishing up our European adventure! Only 209 days left!

L and I as babies in Roma - July, 2006
When the above picture was taken, I hadn't yet learned how to straighten my hair (I'm a late bloomer), and so I felt obligated to prove to the world that I have learned the ropes - and my new Chi straightener is magical!

Selfie from Ohio State's bathroom - not ashamed

I wasn't able to workout until after work today, and since I like having a little more recovery time between runs, I stuck to the StairMaster. I'm finally conquering StairMaster workouts the way I did when I lived in NJ…

30 minutes, levels 12-15 - Stairs 
12 minutes - Elliptical
10 minutes - Abs

I haven't seen my little brother in about two weeks, so he stopped by today, dropped off lots of dirty laundry and then I took him to dinner. Not a bad deal, huh? He's lucky I like spending time with him. We ate at Aladdin's, and I decided to try something new and had the Shish Kabob rolled pita and we shared the hummus. Yum...

It's so important to treat yourself once in a while, so the red wine and dark chocolate are my food rewards after a busy week.

Favorite place you've traveled to? Barcelona, Spain is my favorite so far, but I'm thinking that may change come August :)

Do you like the StairMaster? 

How are you treating yourself this weekend?

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