Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Raining Inside The Apartment & Plyometric Training

Last night as I was drifting off to sleep, what I thought was a simple dripping sound from the shower turned into a rain shower inside my apartment from a burst pipe upstairs. I'm really hoping my bad luck streak is done. Car Accident, cable box died (this happened Sunday and Time Warner Cable couldn't get to me until Tuesday) and burst pipe. Please, God, let this be it for a little while...

After a fun day of watching the maintenance folks vacuum up the water, I went to the gym to sweat out the stress. Since I missed a few weeks of training with the holidays, I have doubled up on sessions for the next couple of weeks. I ran 3 interval miles (2 on track, one on treadmill) beforehand. While my milage is not too impressive…yet…intervals are no joke. I sprinted every .25 mile (similar to yesterday). After 30 minutes, I was ready for PT...

I had doubts about my training at first, but no longer. Justin took me through an all body, plyometric workout: Lots of box jumps into squats and back to the box. No joke. We also worked on controlled strength moves like starting in plank and slowly lowering down to push up and back up. I was definitely ready to nap when my workout was done.

Tomorrow is my first day of class at the graduate level, and I'm so nervous-excited. It's been a while since I've been in a classroom environment, but it also is where I'm happiest (I know, nerd alert). Time to get back to my reading assignment. Only 80 pages to go!

What's your workout of choice when dealing with stressful situations?

Any grad students out there? What are you studying? 

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