Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Running On Vacation

I have returned from a long, fun weekend in NYC. My best friend's boyfriend was doing Military things last week in Tennessee, so I decided to keep her company. After the travel trip from Hades on Thursday night (delayed flight from Columbus + connection to NY leaves me behind in Chicago + sleep in Chicago airport or fly to Philly + fly to Philly and my family cannot pick me up + $350 cab ride to NY = unhappy Kate). But I made it, and we had a great weekend.

My Bestie is awesome in so many ways, but one of her many talents is the ability to consume insane amounts of sugar with no negative bodily impacts whatsoever…

So when in Rome (or Manhattan), we stopped for lots of snacks…

And ate yummy brunches...

Do you notice the whipped cream in both brunch photos - jealous!

Since I have no desire to avoid these yummy splurges, I know that unlike my slender buddy, I have to sweat a little to avoid any unwanted weight gain. Luckily for me, running in New York is one of my favorite things in the world. Since it was still vacation and I had people waiting for me to go for brunch, I didn't take up a ton of time to run. I enjoyed a couple of slow and scenic four milers.

My phone died on Sunday, so I didn't get any pictures of my Central Park views, but my runs ended at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine on 110th and Amsterdam. Not too shabby…

I ran a slow 10+ minute mile Sunday morning. The hills in the park are definitely no joke, and I am reminded constantly that a slow run once in a while is a good thing. My phone also died after mile 1, so I ran for the first time ever with no music for 3 more miles. I didn't hate it…

Avg Pace

On Monday, I stuck closer to my goal race pace, although still a little slower than normal. I ran more on feel than my watch, so it was a happy surprise to see negative splits.

Avg Pace

Till next time...

Today was a rest day. I left an empty fridge, so I bought all the essentials at Whole Foods and Giant Eagle. Time to detox with lots and lots of veggies…

Do you workout on vacation? 

What's your favorite city to run in?

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