Saturday, January 25, 2014

Spa Day Friday & Long Run Saturday

I really need to go back to rest day Fridays - they are awesome. Yesterday I woke up early with a cold and worked half the day from my couch under the electric blanket. Working from home has its downsides, but when you're sick, it's the greatest thing ever. No sick days off, here.

After consuming three mugs of tea, I felt better by the afternoon, which was great, because I had planned a spa day for myself after work. The cold is getting to me big time (does it ever stop snowing here?), and I thought a mani/pedi/eyebrow wax was the perfect way to enjoy my rest day. Okay, the waxing was not as much fun, but everything else was great…

This morning, I slept till 10 - that hasn't happened in months! Then I hit the apartment gym - I wasn't driving with these snow drifts…

Training is feeling real now. 6.2 miles on the treadmill. I took a quick restroom break at 30 minutes, and when I returned, the treadmill had restarted. So my longest run in months was not recorded - well, three miles of it was. Awesome.

I was told by an employee at my running shoe store that I should be running longer runs 30 seconds to one minute longer than my goal race pace. I, of course, don't listen to good advice and was running faster than my goal pace (9:09). I was really starting to feel it by mile three and knew I couldn't sustain it, so after my treadmill reset, I decided to cut back the pace and finished strong. Slow and steady wins the race. I will start listening to people who know way more than I do. Well, I'll try...

Miles 1-3: 8:41
Miles 3-6.2: 9:31

And now I'm living the grad school life - I have a paper due first thing Monday and have family time planned tomorrow, so guess who's reading lots of fun articles and typing away with Harry Potter and Stella on Saturday night? This girl :) It will all be worth it one day though. Eye on the prize…

What's your favorite spa activity? I love pedicures & my gross runner's feet love them too.

What was your distance today?

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