Sunday, February 9, 2014

Awesome Long Run & Roller Skating In The 80's

Yesterday was the best run I've had in months. I don't know if it was the fact that I took three rest days this week, foam rolled by legs during the entire Olympics opening ceremony or just mentally got my head in the game, but I ran 7 relatively pain free miles at the indoor track and felt great! No quad seizing; no cramping. Just the normal little aches your legs start feeling when you've been running for over an hour. I've definitely hit a turning point in my training, and I'm now so excited for my race in March.

I ran the indoor track at the gym. I've mentioned before that 9 times around is a mile, so I ran around that dumb circle a total of 63 times. Talk about building mental strength. The track was packed, so lots of weaving in and out of people. Is it Spring yet?! Or at least above freezing with no snow/ice?

I need to start working out earlier
Average pace: 9:31 (7 miles)

First time wearing shorts this winter (maybe that was the key to my successful long run?), and I'm pretty sure my bare legs blinded the entire gym. These babies haven't seen sunshine in months. 

My aunt and uncle drove in from Indiana and the family went out for a belated birthday dinner for my aunt. I'm still mad we didn't get a family pic (I swear we love each other), but I snapped lots of pics of the awesome food. We ate at Cantina Laredo, a gourmet Mexican restaurant, and it was fabulous. They made the best guacamole right at our table and all of us ate our body weight in chips, so by the time dinner arrived, we were already stuffed. But no worries, I powered through…

They put this right in front of me - rude.
One of many, many chips

Fish tacos (with guac on top) - my favorite

After dinner, I drove home and quickly dressed up in my best 80's outfit for the annual Roller Sk80s night. My friends went last year and told me it was the best night of the year, and they were right. Roller skating to 80's music dressed up in 80's outfits - so much fun!

80's babies

I'm counting roller skating as my Sunday workout since we skated till 2 am. Have a wonderful Sunday, friends!

How did your long run go?

Favorite Mexican food? Guac and fish tacos!

Did you roller skate as a kid? I never did, so last night was terrifying!

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