Saturday, February 15, 2014

Consistent Workouts & "Pal"entine's Day

Thursday night's Spin plan turned into a Stairs/Elliptical workout in my apartment's gym. I really want to get a Spin night in once a week for a solid cross training day, so I may need to move Spin to Tuesdays. By Thursdays after three days of workouts, class and work, I start getting a little tired…

20 minutes - Stairs
25 minutes - Elliptical
7 minutes - Abs

For as much as I love routine in my regular life, I don't really have a set workout routine. The only thing I'm consistent about is actually working out, but as far as the activity goes, it's anyone's guess what I'll do. While switching it up is important so your body does not get used to any one activity, I think you can switch it up consistently and improve your fitness level while also preventing boredom (i.e. Spin Mondays, strength Tuesdays, Rest Thursdays, Long run Saturday, etc.) My goal is to be more consistent in switching it up.

Yesterday was Valentine's day, and while I am happily single, I believe any day where we celebrate love is a great day. My friends and I got together and even though most of them are coupled, we celebrated "pal"entine's day with taco night. Same time next week, guys?

Carb loading greatness 
My long run was this morning (post to come), so after tacos, I went home and foam rolled my legs. I'm getting really good at multitasking while foam rolling…

How did you celebrate Valentine's Day? 

Are you consistent with your weekly workouts?

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