Friday, February 7, 2014

Crazy Life = Gym Therapy

I've been insanely busy the last fews days. The grad school work is piling on, and my actual job still exists, so I've been waking up early to do homework, working all day, doing more homework, then finishing some real work late at night. It's a lovely cycle (and I'm so grateful).

Last night I had PT scheduled at 6 and realized I could attend the 6:45 Spin class afterwards, so that's exactly what I did. I arrived at the gym and did a 20 minute workout on the StairMaster, then had PT. More straight leg deadlifts, and I was able to lift 75 pounds. And now my hamstrings hurt a lot. I then squatted on the bosu ball, holding a weighted ball and lifting it over my head as I stood up. The bosu is a hard core stability workout that gives you, well, a hard core (see what I did there). Justin then made me do full body pushups with one hand on a small ball and the other on the mat. I may have cried just a little.

After PT, I had 15 minutes until Spin and warmed up on the bike to loosen up my hamstrings which were on fire. All together, I rode for about an hour and 10 minutes...

I think it's time to invest in actual Spin shoes…

Two hour gym sessions are a little excessive, even for me, but between the cold and the workload this week, I needed to unwind. Besides feeling hungry and tired, I probably could have kept going, but I'm not that crazy. My head felt clearer than it had in days, so if you're stressing, take the time to exercise. It doesn't need to be two hours, but 20-30 minutes of sweating goes a long way.

What Spin shoes should I buy? 

How long do you normally work out?

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