Saturday, February 8, 2014

Fitspiration - Good or Bad?

Fitspiration is when you use photos, stories or videos as an inspiration to be fit - get it? There's a lot of controversy surrounding the idea because many people use unrealistic or unhealthy images of models and/or celebrities and aspire to look like they do, causing folks to be disappointed when they do not measure up no matter how healthy or fit they may actually be.

I personally do not mind a little "fitspiriation" from time to time. It motivates me to work harder  - example: Beyonce at the Grammys. However, I'm very aware that no matter how many squats I do, I'm not going to look like Beyonce. It's just not in the cards. But a little extra push to get to the gym never hurt anyone.

I subscribe to a ton of magazines (it's somewhat of an addiction) and with the holidays, I got behind on my reading, so all the unread issues are laying on my floor ready to be picked up. I decided that this is the perfect spot to work on my planks - using fitspiration for good!

Just catching up on a little reading...

The Biggest Loser finale happened this week (yes, I'm late to the party on chatting about this), and I was disturbed for about three days. I get it, it's a competition. But seeing Rachel come out on stage made me so uncomfortable and upset that I had invested time in this show this season, that I almost turned off the TV. This is what I get for watching dumb reality TV. I just hope no one uses her image as fitspiration.

This workout is from last Tuesday, but I'm posting just because I like keeping track for when I'm old and can't walk up stairs :)

Stairs: 20 minutes
Elliptical: 25 minutes
Weight room/abs: 15 minutes

What do you think of "Fitspiration? Helpful or harmful?

Thoughts on the Biggest Loser Finale?

What's your workout today? Long run day for me

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