Sunday, February 2, 2014

Long Run Saturday & Smelling The Roses

I ran outside for the first time in weeks and it was wonderful! 37 degrees never felt warmer! 6.2 miles around the neighborhood near my apartment in a slow and steady pace. Some of the back roads were a little slushy, but I'll take that over ice and snow any day…

Avg Pace

I started too fast (what else is new), but I evened out by mile 3. I need to keep repeating in my head - long, slow runs; long, slow runs…

I'm making yoga a part of my life again (I miss being a yogi), and I've been inverting around the clock. It's so beneficial to get upside down once in a while - give it a try with a wall if you're a beginner!

We had a girls' dinner last night at a Mediterranean restaurant called Lavash Cafe, in Clintonville, north of Ohio State. I had the Veggie Combo sandwich - Hummus, tabouleh and baba ghanoush with tahini sauce on pita bread - and a side a stuffed grape leaves. Mediterranean food two nights in a row, and I could go for more! 

After dinner, we met friends at a nearby bar, played some pool (I shot three balls in, so you could say I'm a pro) and the bar owner bought roses for every girl at the bar. Who doesn't love receiving free flowers?! 

Now it's time to make some chili for the Super Bowl! I am a huge Peyton Manning fan, so Go Broncos! 

What was your long run distance?

Favorite yoga pose? 

Who do you want to win the Super Bowl? 

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