Saturday, February 22, 2014

Running Outside Again…Finally!

Happy beautiful, wonderful, sunny, spectacular, Saturday, everyone! Can you tell I ran outside? I have been having some quad pain lately, so I took the last two days off knowing that nothing was going to keep me from running long in the sunshine today. I think 4 days on a week may be the new norm until after my race. My body seems to be running better with a little more rest.

On Friday, my Brooks package arrived! It's like Christmas morning when I see that "run happy" box. New shoes and a pair of shorts. I won't actually need the new shoes until after my Half (in three weeks!) - I usually go three months before changing shoes - but it's nice to know they are waiting for me…

Brooks girl for life

I've been craving sushi and fro yo like crazy lately so last night I indulged and enjoyed every bite…

Eat mostly clean

This morning I went to conquer my long run. Here's a tip - go check out the course of any run before running it. While it was 45 degrees and sunny this morning, apparently three feet of snow has nowhere to go when the temperatures rise overnight, and so my running course turned into a lake. I actually tried running through it, but a quarter of mile later with no improvement, I decided this course was not going to happen today…

After swimming back to my car, I drove over to the local track. Not ideal as I have not ran hills during this training cycle (oops), but the wind made it much more difficult than the indoor track. Do what you can.

7 miles in 1:08:03. Disclaimer: I only took the selfie below because I forgot to wear sunscreen and my face had so many freckles post run. Summer, I miss you. PSA: Wear sunscreen.


Avg Pace

What was your long run distance today? 

Did you run outside? 

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