Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Thank you, Shirley Temple & Jumping Rope

We all woke up this morning to the news that Shirley Temple Black has passed away. She was such a pivotal part of my childhood, and now all I want to do is watch Heidi on repeat. Rest peacefully, Shirley Temple. And thank you.

Tuesdays have become my StairMaster day. The StairMaster isn't exactly cross training as there is impact on your legs, but I love it anyway. I break such a sweat and feel so accomplished when I'm done - 30 minutes is exhausting!

12 minutes on the elliptical has become my cool down of choice, and my legs always thank me for the much needed break. 12 minutes may seem like a weird number, but since it's a cool down, that's about the time it takes for me to hit one mile. I like whole numbers. 0.82 would bug me. Hello, OCD. 

31 mins - Stairs
12 mins - Elliptical 
15 mins - Weights/Abs

In the weight room, I found a jump rope and had to jump for a few minutes. Jumping rope is such a simple cardio workout and even a minute can leave you winded. I haven't jumped rope since moving to Columbus and definitely need to incorporate it back into my routine. 

As I type away, Matt Lauer is hosting tonight's Olympics recap. I miss Bob Costas and his pink eyes. 

Favorite Shirley Temple movie? I used to watch Heidi several times a day. 

How do you cool down? Walking, Elliptical, nothing?

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