Monday, February 24, 2014

Weekend Recap & Working Off Cupcakes

Post long run, the rest of my weekend was spent indulging in awesome food. This is proof I can look presentable and own clothes other than workout capris…

My friend hosted an engagement party for her sister and future brother in law in the Short North District on Saturday night. I went a little crazy on the nachos and homemade cupcakes. This is why we run, right?

Sunday was spent finishing some school work and family time. Since my aunt is always cooking, we decided to go out for some Mediterranean food. The Olive Tree in Hilliard is my new favorite spot for all things hummus/kabobs.

My IT Band/quads are still a little tight, so I took a break from running today and did the StairMaster/Elliptical instead. Fingers crossed a little more rest from impact exercise gives me a great run tomorrow. 

31 minutes - Stairs
20 minutes - Elliptical
10 minutes - Abs

Best thing you ate this weekend? Hummus!

What was your workout to start the week?

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