Sunday, March 23, 2014

Adjusting Workouts & Casino Nights

I went out yesterday morning to run 4 miles, but after mile 1, I started feeling the same not-so-good feeling around the side of my right knee that struck during my race, so I decided to end my run and try something else. My body must need a little more time before running again. Good news is I do not feel discomfort when on the Stairs or Elliptical, so I did 3 miles on the Elliptical and then weight trained...

In order to speed up recovery, I took an ice bath after my workout. It's painful and I hate it, but it works. The only way I get through it is by putting on a bathing suit and pretending I'm in sunny Florida again. 

More recovery time in the form of yoga. I am really getting these headstands down. Now if I can master a forearm stand, I will be the happiest yogi around…

My friends and I decided to shake things up on Saturday night by visiting the local casino. I am by no means a gambler, but I took out cash that I expected to lose and did just that. The slot machines were not my friends, but we had a blast. 

Have you ever been to a casino? Do you play slots or tables? 

What's one fitness routine you want to become really good at? I really want to improve my flexibility with more yoga.

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