Thursday, March 27, 2014

Back In The Strength Training Groove & No TV (How Will I Survive?!)

After a three week hiatus, I went back to personal training yesterday morning. I think I forgot how to wake up super early to workout because I didn't make it to the gym until 7:30. I'm just going to blame Mama Nature while I still can and say my body wasn't ready to venture out into the arctic temperatures. It's March, lady. Get it together…

Still on a mini running break, I watched the sun rise on the Elliptical for 30 minutes before training began. I don't think my trainer remembered I had missed the last three weeks, because the first thing he said when I was halfway through my first set of straight leg deadlifts was, "we're going to add more weight today." After lots of squats, we ended the workout with burpees and mountain climbers (30 seconds each, 3 sets). I almost passed out about 4 times. Glad to be back!

I haven't seen my brother in a couple of weeks, so I took him to dinner at Cap City on Wednesday night. We both enjoyed steaks (and a little wine for me). I need more red meat in my diet, but I do not cook it at home, so dinners like these are 100% necessary and practical. At least that's what I keep telling myself…

My TV inexplicably stopped producing a picture - sound comes through, but no picture (anyone want to troubleshoot?!), so I'm living in the dark ages until Saturday when I will probably have to buy a new TV. Thank God I still have a computer that is doubling as a TV thanks to my many DVDs and Netflix…

That little blue light means it's on!

First World Solutions

Do you strength train? How often? 

Do you eat red meat? 

How do you watch TV? I know a lot of people that don't have cable. That's a very strange concept to me. 

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