Saturday, March 22, 2014

Back To The Grind Friday

Well there you are, Spring! I was beginning to worry you weren't showing up this year.

I took 5 full days off from exercising. That's the most time I've taken off in at least a year, if not longer - which is quite possibly a huge problem. Recovery is important, not necessarily because you just ran a long distance race, but because you spent 12 weeks training for such a race. Our bodies need a vacation from time to time. I walked and foam rolled A LOT during this recovery period. My legs still don't feel 100%, but I knew by Friday I was ready for a light workout. 

Walking all day, everyday 

20 minutes on the StairMaster
20 minutes on the Elliptical
10 minutes of strength

Apparently after 5 days off, I forgot how to hit the on button on my Garmin. 12 minutes of my workout went unrecorded. The OCD girl inside cried just a little. Actual workout time - 52 minutes.

How was your week?

What workouts are on the calendar this weekend?

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