Saturday, March 1, 2014

Back To The Gym & Wine Tasting Fridays

Happy weekend! I didn't work out Wednesday or Thursday in hopes that my quads would settle down a little. I spent Thursday night rolling out my legs (in jeans - not the best idea) while catching up on Game of Thrones. I will be ready for April 6th!

I couldn't stay away from the gym on Friday so I climbed the StairMaster for 30 minutes and used the Elliptical for 20 minutes. I used to think you couldn't get a good workout on the Elliptical, but if you keep the level high enough, it's a good sweat session. I probably went a little too long (I could have stopped after the stairs), but exercise is addicting - it's hard to stop once you start! 

How awesome was this news that broke this week - The F.D.A proposed changes to nutrition to labels making the calories more prominent, adding a category for added sugars and adjusting the serving sides to how we actually eat. My favorite part is the sugar category. I track my food intake and my sugar is always in the red (too much for one day), however, I eat tons of fruit. While we need to watch how much fruit we take in as well, comparing an apple to an ice cream cone is just dumb. Seeing how much added sugar we take in will help us in making smarter food choices and will take fruit off the "naughty" list once and for all. 

Speaking of added sugar and bad-but-oh-so-good foods, last night my friends and I attended the weekly Whole Foods wine tasting. Five wines for $5 - sign me up! We ate dinner beforehand, and Ezra (my new BFF) made me the best sushi roll…

We then wined our way through the store for two hours. It was crowded, but we spent so much time chatting and sipping, that we didn't notice the lines. New weekly tradition?

Did you do anything fun on Friday night? 

Do you count the sugars in fruit when tracking your sugar intake? 

Who watches Game of Thrones? 

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