Sunday, March 2, 2014

Joining The FitBit World & Long Run Recap

Long run Saturday was a relative success. It was definitely a tough run, so I'm just a tad nervous for DC, but I got in 8 miles, so I'm a little less nervous for DC than I was Friday night.

8.3 miles around the track/neighborhood in 1:18:19 (9:45 average pace)

After the sub zero temps, I thought 39 degrees would feel super warm, but apparently that's still cold. After being outside for an hour and a half, it took a 30 minute scalding hot shower to feel slightly normal again. I'm sure that didn't help the muscles one little bit. 

I then went to Target and bought a fitbit. I hate being on the outs of a cool new trend, so I had to join the party. I have no idea how this thing works and since I just plugged it in last night, I have only logged 50 steps, but it looks fun. My goal is 15000 steps a day, which equates to about 7 miles (holy crap). We'll see how that works out…

In extremely non active news, the girls and I saw "Endless Love" yesterday - not that good. And then went to El Vaq for tacos and quesadillas - amazingly good…

How was your long run? 

Last movie you saw in theaters? 

Do you own a fitbit? Like it? 

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