Monday, March 3, 2014

No Rest On Oscar Sunday

Since my version of the Super Bowl was last night - The Academy Awards - I decided to act like a celebrity and workout yesterday morning. I've been taking Sundays off lately, but I hadn't been to PT in about 10 days, so it was time to lift some (heavier) weights again…

*30 minutes personal training
*30 minutes Elliptical

I now wear shorts even when it's snowing out - I guess I've officially adapted to Mid West weather.

I purchased a few running books the other day through Amazon and cannot stop reading. I find our bodies fascinating - we can do so much - and this book has been eye opening from page one. 

I especially like this section on "Alarm Bells Ringing." If I'm going to succeed in PR-ing, I need to get my alarm bells under control...

My first full day with my FitBit Flex was also an "ah-ha" moment. My goal is 15,000 steps and it took me walking around my living room a lot - like during the entire Oscars ceremony a lot - to hit 10,000 - and I worked out yesterday! I can only imagine how difficult today will be when I'm sitting at my work computer for 8 hours. The active minutes are a little off (I'm assuming it's because I was on the Elliptical), but everything else looks about right. I'm excited to see what a run looks like...

And before I realized I had 2,000 additional steps to take before bed, I was in my favorite spot for some Oscar Red Carpet action (maybe this is the problem?)…

What was your start of the week workout? 

How many steps did you take yesterday? 

Did you watch the Oscars? Ellen was fabulous! And Lupita Nyong'o was my best dressed. 

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