Thursday, March 6, 2014

Indoor/Outdoor Training Runs

I'm so excited for race day (less than 10 days!) mainly because I'm interested to see how my less than traditional training plan pays off (or doesn't). I have never ran a 1/2 Marathon without completing a 10 mile training run prior to race day, but there's a first time for everything.

I was a little ambitious with the weather yesterday and got through a little over two and a half miles before moving to the treadmill. The wind chill was brutal. I've also never done this much training indoors, but at least I got the run in. It's still a little ways away, but the weather is saying 52 on race day. I'll take it!

6 and something miles (.1 ish) in about an hour, followed by some ab work.

After my run, I did the Ashes thing and then enjoyed a great Salmon dinner at Old Bag of Nails in Hilliard. I could eat fish everyday, so this time of year is great because all the restaurants make sure to have fish options on the menu. 

What's the fewest miles you've done prior to a Half Marathon? My long runs topped out at a little over 8 miles this time around. 

Are you training indoors or outdoors? 

Favorite fish? I love me some salmon, but tilapia and shrimp are always in the running. 

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