Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Recovery Time

Oh recovery, how I love and hate you. I'm being smart this time around and have taken a break from all forms of exercise for a few days. I really want to get back in the swing of things, but after running more miles than my legs were prepared for this past weekend, a break is just what I need.

Monday was my first day back in Columbus, and I celebrated my people in style.

Proud Irish Girl

I met up with my cousin and his girlfriend for a traditional Irish dinner. Exercise is wonderful for a million different reasons, but knowing you're going to burn off the fried fish dinner you eat on St. Patrick's Day makes you feel just a little bit better about consuming the entire thing. Fortunately, I got over my "no plan to exercise tomorrow" situation rather quickly and enjoyed my meal…

I'm spending this recovery time breaking in my new PureFlow 2s. A 30 minute lunch time walk yesterday in the sunshine was a perfect break in the day. Is it Saturday yet?! 

And because all I'm doing is eating/sleeping this week, I found this in my Trader Joe's coconut milk chocolate frozen dessert. Do you think this smile is on purpose or am I just lucky?? I'll just have to buy another pint to find out...

How do you recover properly from a race? 

What's the longest you've gone without exercising? I'm hoping to get back on the elliptical today/tomorrow and run again Saturday. 

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