Friday, March 14, 2014

Travel Tips & Rock 'N' Roll USA Race Goals

Traveling out of town for a race is a new thing for me. Traveling to different places to run is awesome; packing for such a trip…not so much. There is definitely some stress that comes with this type of trip. I have to pick up my bib, time chip, etc at the Expo tonight - no check in on race day - so that means I'm on the road early to ensure I arrive in DC with plenty of time.

I also have to make sure I have all my running necessities with me. One of my favorite running bloggers, Run Eat Repeat, just so happened to post this awesome travel tip on Tuesday. It must be race season.

I created my own bag of must haves…

-Race Fuel

My other focus is pre-race fuel. I usually have a full kitchen at my disposal before a race, so a hotel will be a little different. I packed rice cakes, peanut butter, oatmeal packets, bananas, tea and water. It's important to have lots of options for 6am wake up calls...

Before I head off to D.C, it's time to put my goals in writing. I've had an okay training cycle. Determined not to overtrain, I may have slightly undertrained. I wrote before that I've never ran a Half without running at least ten miles in training, and I only got to 8 this time around, but maybe Saturday will be my day. We'll just have to wait and see.

Turns out my goals are not much different from my October Half goals.

*My stretch goal is once again the exclusive sub 2 hour club. This is once again a stretch as my training as not been top notch. I'm realistic enough to know that I would have needed to conquer every single workout perfectly to reach this goal, but adrenaline is a powerful ally.

*My practical goal is 2:10. My PR is 2:05, but that was two years ago. I ran my October Half in 2:22, but there were lots of hills. If this course is forgiving, 2:10 is doable.

*My average goal is once again to finish. You never know what can happen on race day. Just making it to the finish line with a smile on my face no matter what the clock says will be satisfying.

Time for some last minute cuddle time with Stella.

Do you have any tips for traveling to a race? 

What are your current racing goals? 

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