Friday, April 25, 2014

Bikini Season & Physical Therapy

Yesterday I took another rest day…sorta. I didn't leave my work chair for hours (no bueno!), so I took a 45 minute walk around the neighborhood. Any sort of movement is good, but I don't call that a workout. It's more like a necessity to life.

After my walk, I met the girls for dinner at Skyward Grille, a new restaurant that opened around the corner...

I expected a sit down place, but it was more like Chipotle, grill style. It's definitely the type of place college kids would love after a football game. Since I don't really eat the food they are known for, I probably won't visit here again unless I'm with my brother or someone else who appreciates a good Philly Cheesesteak. The pita bread was great though! 

Grilled chicken salad and grilled pita bread

This morning I was up way before the sun to workout. But I made sure the alarm motivated me to get out of bed…

B and I went to the 6am Barre3 class. Barre3 is a lot like Pure Barre. The tagline is "where ballet barre meets yoga and pilates." I really enjoyed the class (maybe more than Pure Barre!), so I purchased the new student unlimited monthly package. I have already scheduled 9 classes in the next two weeks. Bring it, bikini season!

I finally went to the Orthopedic to have my legs checked out, and I received great news! I have weak hips (news to absolutely no one!), but it was so nice to have a confirmation that there is no structural damage. I had a secret fear that I had suffered a stress fracture somewhere along the way, but the x-rays came back perfect. I do have to go the Physical Therapy for a little while to work on my hips, but I'm excited about that. Bring on the sports massages and ultrasound machine!

And now to celebrate the weekend…and the huge final paper I have to write. Cheers, friends. 

What was the last restaurant you ate at? 

Earliest you wake up to workout? 

What are your plans for the weekend?

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