Friday, April 11, 2014

Eh Workouts & A Rushdie Discussion

PT bright and early Wednesday mornings make me a happy person. I only had time to run 2 miles before my session, but they were two pain free miles, so yay for that. Fingers crossed for a 5K this weekend.

I didn't have the greatest training session, but I made it through. My stomach was acting up, and I felt nauseous whenever I pushed myself to that uncomfortable intensity level (I need to work on early morning fuel). Justin worked with me through it, and I finally started getting it together halfway through the workout. We all have an off day from time to time.

On Thursday, I opted for a nice walk over a workout. I'm determined to make my fitbit vibrate daily signifying I reached my distance goal, and now that it's nice outside, I take mini walks throughout the day whether I'm working out or not. 

Just a few more healthy meal options. Dinner from Wednesday night was baked chicken in a corn tortilla with a little salsa and lots o' veggies…

And I always need a snack for class on Thursday mornings. My professor makes it the entire three hours without anything to eat. I don't know how that's physically possible. I need more healthy fats in my diet, so I'm back to almonds with my apples (sometimes in the form of butter as well)…

And finally the highlight of my week (month, year?) was seeing Sir Salman Rushdie speak at Otterbein University last night. I've admired his work since I was an undergrad and couldn't miss the opportunity of meeting him in person. He was as brilliant (and his wonderful patronizing self - it's a good thing here) as I'd hoped he would be…

After his talk, we went to a reception across the street where there was a great Mediterranean buffet. The cherry on top to a perfect night…

How have your workouts been this week? 

Do you have any great healthy snack ideas you can share? 

Favorite author or book? Wuthering Heights is my favorite book but Charles Dickens is my favorite author…does that make sense? 

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