Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Inspired By Boston & Competing With Myself

Congrats to all the Boston Marathon runners yesterday! I vividly remember driving home from Ohio last year and hearing the news of the bombings on the radio. All the stories of strength and resilience have been so inspiring. 

And as if the race wasn't wonderful enough on its own, Meb won! - the first male American to win since 1983! I'm sure I'm one of about 500 million people (okay, maybe 2 million - a lot of people think marathoners are crazy) who were inspired to run Boston someday. Eye on the prize...

In honor of Boston, I ran my own version of the marathon…well, more like a quarter of a quarter of a marathon before personal training yesterday morning…

2 miles of running/PT/15 minutes on Elliptical

To end my normal strength training session, Justin had me do as many rounds of 5 push ups/10 sit ups/15 squats as I could muster in 5 minutes. I was able to do 7 rounds. I guess only being competitive with yourself pays off once in a while. Shooting for 8 next time! 

During my lunch break I took a walk around my apartment complex and stumbled upon the Volleyball court. I wonder if I put a beach chair down in the middle and close my eyes, I'll convince myself I'm back on the beach...

Did you run/watch the Boston Marathon?

Last cool thing you saw on a walk?

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