Sunday, April 20, 2014

Quarter Of A Century!

I am one lucky girl. I turned 25 day, and the love I felt from my friends and family has been so amazing! Thank you to everyone who took the time to think of me!

I spent my last morning of 24 running (shocking, right?!). It was a beautiful, sunny morning, and I broke out the sunscreen for the first time this year. I really should be wearing it year round, but 9 months out of the year is better than nothing!

I ran for 40 minutes/4.1 miles with no pain. I think (fingers crossed) I'm finally back to fighting form. I can't wait to start speed work again…

Avg Pace

After my run, I stopped to smell the flowers. Literally…

View from my bedroom...

And then I went to my Aunt and Uncle's to celebrate Easter one day early with the family. Happy Birthday/Jesus Is Risen French Champagne…

My mom disappeared for a few hours and it turned out she was giving me the BEST birthday gift - an outdoor patio set that I will use all Spring/Summer/Fall/Non-sub zero temps Winter long…

Best mom ever!

Even though we're not even a little bit Italian, we had an amazing homemade lasagna dinner…

My aunt also made an "oh-so-good" chocolate bunt cake, and my mom bought a chocolate cheesecake. My family knows how much I love chocolate. Both were delicious, but the homemade cake was just a wee bit better - don't tell mom!

Making wishes

This may or may not have been my second plate…oops.

The end...

What were your weekend workouts?

Best thing you ate/drank? That cake! And Lasagna! And Champagne!

Any special birthday traditions? I always just enjoy being with my family.

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